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PINJAR PARK WRITE UP – Saturday 14th December 2019

Tai Woffinden, the boy who grew up in Western Australia to win three World Titles returned to Pinjar Park to defend the race named in honour of his late father, the Rob Woffinden Classic, and didn’t put a foot wrong all night.

He was imperious in winning his four heats and then dominated the Final. Others to impress on the night included fellow Englishmen Drew Kemp, Jack Smith and Leon Flint.

Locals Dan Winchester, Doug Scoble, Kale Ballantyne and Frank Smart were also in the mix but it was Tai Woffinden who the big crowd came to watch.

Woffinden who elected to run out of gate three in the Final was superb. It was a treat to watch him run the still very new WA venue. Earlier he had recorded the best time on the night with 60.08 secs for the four-lap journey. The fastest ever around the venue.

The B Final was a race of drama when both Smith and Ballantyne fell, but both were OK and the referee decided to allow Jack and Kale to contest the re-run.

Sidecar racing was of a high standard with former Australian and WA Champion Russell Mitchell winning the program. Along with passenger Morgan Cornwall he won his four qualifying heats and was too good in the final.

Earlier in the night Chromie Holmwood had fallen from the side of the Boujos sidecar during a first corner collision. Tough as chrome he re-joined his partner to take third in the Final.





















500cc Solo – Rob Woffinden Classic
RiderTotalHeat 1Heat 2Heat 3Heat 4PointsFinal500cc SOLOTOTALA FINALGATEFINISH
Tai Woffinden153333123Tai Woffinden15Tai Woffinden1st
Drew Kemp133332112Drew Kemp13Drew Kemp2nd
Daniel Winchester122333111Daniel Winchester12Daniel Winchester3rd
Jack Smith10322310Jack Smith10Frank Smart4th
Frank Smart823F380Frank Smart8
Doug Scoble922329Doug Scoble9
Kale Ballantyne913329Kale Ballantyne9B FINALGATEFINISH
Leon Flint831138Leon Flint8Jack SmithB
Brad Gordon722217Brad Gordon7Frank SmartWWinner
Kobee Ziedas511215Kobee Ziedas5Doug ScobleY
Declan Killeen512115Declan Killeen5Kale BallantyneR
Bryan Miller420204Bryan Miller4
Jarryd Ziedas3DNF1203Jarryd Ziedas3
Matt Marson3F0213Matt Marson3
Ryan Pope302013Ryan Pope3
Jason Marzoli210DNS12Jason Marzoli2
Drew Winchester201102Drew Winchester2
Jack Hunter00DNF0DNS0Jack Hunter0
1000cc Sidecars – Rob Woffinden Classic
RiderTotalHeat 1Heat 2Heat 3Heat 4PointsFinal1000cc SIDECARSTOTALA FINALGATEFINISH
Mitchell / Cornwell153333123Mitchell / Cornwell15Mitchell / CornwellR1st
Liptrott / Thomas10223310Liptrott / Thomas10Liptrott / ThomasBEx
Harvey / Thomas123322102Harvey / Thomas12Harvey / ThomasW2nd
Charsley / Reece7.5212.527.5Charsley / Reece7.5Boujos / HolmwoodY3rd
Milton / O’Bryan722217Milton / O’Bryan7
Boujos / Holmwood8131271Boujos / Holmwood8B FINALGATEFINISH
Fanderlinden / Fanderlinden6.5302.516.5Fanderlinden / Fanderlinden6.5Charsley / Reece
Sita / Jonah4121DNF4Sita / Jonah4Milton / O’Bryan
Bishop / Winchester300033Bishop / Winchester3Boujos / HolmwoodWinner
Hankin / Hesling201012Hankin / Hesling2Fanderlinden / Fanderlinden
Bryan / Mercer2DNF11DNF2Bryan / Mercer2
Scoble / Furfaro110001Scoble / Furfaro1
250cc Sidecars – Rob Woffinden Classic
RiderTotalHeat 1Heat 2Heat 3Heat 4PointsFinalFINALGATEFINISH
Harvey / Soloman153333123Harvey / SolomanR1st
Fewster / Grigson10222282Fewster / GrigsonB2nd
125cc Solos – Rob Woffinden Classic
RiderTotalHeat 1Heat 2Heat 3Heat 4PointsFinal125cc SOLOTOTALA FINALGATEFINISH
Luke Killeen93363Luke Killeen9Luke Killeen1st
Xander Smith63360Xander Smith6Xander Smith4th
Mitchell McDiarmid73252Mitchell McDiarmid7Mitchell McDiarmid2nd
Jack McDiarmid62351Jack McDiarmid6Jack McDiarmid3rd
Max Harvey4224Max Harvey4
Darcey Timmis4134Darcey Timmis4
Colby Mason33F3Colby Mason3
Trevar Dossett3123Trevar Dossett3B FINALGATEFINISH
Tyler Madgen3213Tyler Madgen3Jack McDiarmidWinner
Regan Dossett2112Regan Dossett2Max Harvey
Alex Prall2EX22Alex Prall2Darcey Timmis
Jake Corbett1101Jake Corbett1Colby Mason
Jett Harvey1011Jett Harvey1
Hunter Mason0F00Hunter Mason0
250cc Solos – Rob Woffinden Classic
RiderTotalHeat 1Heat 2Heat 3Heat 4PointsFinalFINALGATEFINISH
Luke Killeen12333312Luke KilleenDNS
Jack McDiarmid822228Jack McDiarmidDNF
110cc – Rob Woffinden Classic
RiderTotalHeat 1Heat 2Heat 3Heat 4PointsFinalFINALGATEFINISH
Cody Prime00Cody Prime
Tyler Madgen00Tyler Madgen
50cc Pee Wee – Rob Woffinden Classic
RiderTotalHeat 1Heat 2Heat 3Heat 4PointsFinal
Noah Sandilands00
Mason Moffat00
Mason Robins00
Coby Robson00
Pace Sturmfels00
Dominick Colmore00