State Title

Miller masters flat track racing to win WA Title

Report by Grant Woodhams


WA 500cc rider Brian Miller made his temporary conversion to flat track racing look easy when he comfortably won the second running of the WA Flat Track Title held at Pinjar Park.


Miller saw off the challenges of South Australia’s Sean Chapman and defending Champion Matt Marson to score a popular win.


A field of twenty-six riders contested twelve heats to qualify for the Championship. South Australian Sean Chapman went through the heats undefeated. Others to impress included fellow SA visitors Sean Curtis and Roy Prout.


Of the West Aussies Miller, Marson and Brook Lawson, on his 1964 BSA, looked the goods. Such was the quality of the field that noted flat trackers Brandon Coombe, Dean Condren and Mick Godbold were forced to qualify through the B Final.


The final was an all Miller affair as he bolted from the gate aboard his bike that only had two hours on the clock. Chapman chased but was unable to get near Miller, while Marson looking to repeat couldn’t get near either of them. Sean Curtis botched the start and was last out of the gate, while Prout feeling the damage from a crash earlier in the night was somewhat tentative. Dean Condren made up for some poor heats with a strong fourth. Brook Lawson was set for a podium finish but dropped his bike a lap from home.


There were several spills in heat racing, the most serious of which involved SA’s Roy Prout who was forced to the fence and crashed heavily on the main straight. He was substantially shaken, and went to hospital after the meeting. In the rerun of this heat he finished second.


The title was a great advertisement for flat track racing. If the fields were as big at every meeting, the popularity of flat track racing would soar.


Ryder Mathews-Taylor goes five for five to win WA Junior Flat Track Title


Ryder Mathews Taylor made one of his rare forays to Pinjar Park pay dividends when he cleaned house against a strong field of Pinjar’s regular 110cc field.


He went through his four heats undefeated and then was unchallenged to take out the final and the WA Championship. Phoenix Elliott rode hard all night in an endeavour to stay with Mathews-Taylor and was rewarded with second place in the final. Mason Robins’ great consistency was rewarded with third. Just missing out on the podium was the much-improved Coby Robson. Ollie Corbett, Pace Sturmfels, Connor Myers and Connor Zahra-Frost were prominent in heat racing but were unable to match the four boys who topped qualifying.


Luke Killeen best in Senior Solos (500cc’s)


A small field was on hand, but the racing was of a very high standard and those in attendance were privileged to see the debut of Luke Killeen on a 500. His skill and determination were exceptional. His only loss of the night coming at the hands of State Champion Matt Marson who chose to only run two 500 races on the night. Killeen’s lap times were some of the best ever seen at Pinjar. His win in his second heat of 61.95 sec a treat to behold. Killeen’s opponents on the night included his brother Declan, returning after nearly a year off after an injury and the recently graduated Jack McDiarmid. All three, under twenty years of age, will bear watching as their careers progress.


500cc B Grade was dominated by veteran Nigel Flatman who is so far undefeated in this division at Pinjar this season. Two returnees joined Flatman in B Grade, Lincoln Worroll and Nathan Eastcott.


Mitchell McDiarmid wins 250cc Final


A massively good set of four heats that provided three separate winners promised a great final and Mitchell McDiarmid who was the top qualifier on the night made the most of an excellent start to canter away to victory. Linkin Metcalf who won the WA 250 Title at the last meeting was stranded at the gate with engine issues and from thereon it was all Mitchell McDiarmid. The hugely improved Colby Mason finished second. His brother Hunter third.


Earlier in the night Alex Prall and Trevor Dossett were sidelined with engine problems.


Senior Sidecars sees Nash/Shield turn on fireworks


Spectacular, fast and fabulous are three ways to describe the current state of WA sidecar racing. Each meeting at Pinjar throwing up some superb racing. Current State Champs Darren Nash/Ash Shield epitomise the division with hard charging racing that grabs your attention.


In winning the final they saw off the challenge of three of the best teams in WA in Reece Liptrott/Jesse Thomas, Russell Mitchell/Drew Lock and Jeff Bishop/Juston Winchester. In a no beg pardons battle they came out on top in the sort of event that the Pinjar patrons love. While Nash and Shield were taking the chequered flag Liptrott/Thomas were lucky to escape a serious incident when their rear tyre exploded as they chased them to the finish on the main straight on the last lap. Both held on while the bike veered across the track with Russell Mitchell/Drew Lock neatly avoiding them.


With these four outfits in the final it may have been a case of cream rising to the top but the other teams entered on the night were equally impressive in their qualifying heats. New teams Rock Bryan/Courtney Heft, Bob King/Daniel Wallis, Troy Craig/Matt Young and Stephen McMurray/Jason Williams continue to make life difficult for the established stars.


Linkin Metcalf takes final as big Fields continue to showcase 125cc Solos


Linkin Metcalf continues to campaign both a 125cc Solo along with his 250cc bike. So too does his main rival in both divisions Mitchell McDiarmid. These two boys providing some ding dong battles. Along with Phoenix Elliott and Hunter Mason they are well established A grade riders at this level. In the 125cc B’s Axel McCarthy scored a welcome win over the rapidly improving Noah Sandilands. Regan Dossett like Sandilands is a rider on the improve as too is Jake Corbett who also qualified for the B Final. Pint sized Dom Colmore was back racing and looked to be set for a big night but was sidelined with engine problems after a first up win in his heat.


50cc Starter Division continues to enthuse

While there are no winners, no points are given and no chequered flag shown, there is plenty of excitement with the boys and girls of the 50cc’s. Usually around two minutes are on the clock for each event and riders like Johnathan Forrest, Blake Colemore, Rylan Smith, Chayse Brown, Braxton Sutherland, Jy Robson, Kaden Keen, Indi Sutherland and Kaiden Allen get to strut their stuff in front of an appreciative Pinjar crowd. There may be no trophies or titles, but rest assured there are bragging rights!



Flat Track State Title
Heat First Second Third Time
3 Mason Robins Connor Zahra-Frost Pace Sturmfels 48.83
4 Ryder Mathews-Taylor Phoenix Elliott Coby Robson 47.79
10 Ryder Mathews-Taylor Coby Robson 50.17
11 Mason Robins Phoenix Elliott Pace Sturmfels 49.07
17 Ryder Mathews-Taylor Phoenix Elliott Mason Robins 0.00
18 Coby Robson Connor Zahra-Frost Pace Sturmfels 0.00
24 Ryder Mathews-Taylor Mason Robins Connor Zahra-Frost 46.98
25 Phoenix Elliott Coby Robson Pace Sturmfels 49.18
FINAL Ryder Mathews-Taylor Phoenix Elliott Mason Robins 0.00
* 125cc B SOLO  
Heat First Second Third Time
5 Dom Colmore Noah Sandilands Axle McCarthy 47.96
6 Mason Robins Jake Corbett Regan Dossett 49.53
12 Axle McCarthy Jake Corbett Regan Dossett 49.75
13 Noah Sandilands 49.53
19 Noah Sandilands Axle McCarthy Jake Corbett 48.66
20 Mason Robins Regan Dossett 49.47
26 Noah Sandilands Jake Corbett Regan Dossett 48.42
27 Axle McCarthy Mason Robins 47.22
FINAL Axle McCarthy Noah Sandilands Mason Robins 0.00
* 125cc A SOLO  
Heat First Second Third Time
7 Phoenix Elliott Linkin Metcalf 47.85
14 Mitchell McDiarmid Linkin Metcalf Phoenix Elliott 0.00
21 Linkin Metcalf Mitchell McDiarmid Phoenix Elliott 42.81
28 Linkin Metcalf Mitchell McDiarmid Phoenix Elliott 42.57
FINAL Linkin Metcalf Mitchell McDiarmid Phoenix Elliott 0.00
* 250cc SOLO  
Heat First Second Third Time
33 Mitchell McDiarmid Colby Mason Trevar Dossett 0.00
42 Linkin Metcalf Mitchell McDiarmid Colby Mason 0.00
51 Mitchell McDiarmid Linkin Metcalf Colby Mason 67.52
60 Colby Mason Mitchell McDiarmid Linkin Metcalf 66.08
B FINAL        
FINAL Mitchell McDiarmid Colby Mason Hunter Mason 65.25
* 500cc SOLO B  
Heat First Second Third Time
34 Nigel Flatman Lincoln Worroll Nathen Eastcott 69.44
43 Nigel Flatman Lincoln Worroll Nathen Eastcott 0.00
52 Nigel Flatman Lincoln Worroll Nathen Eastcott 69.43
61 Nigel Flatman Lincoln Worroll Nathen Eastcott 68.99
FINAL Nigel Flatman Lincoln Worroll Nathen Eastcott 65.77
* 500cc SOLO  
Heat First Second Third Time
35 Luke Killeen Declan  Killeen Jack McDiarmid 0.00
44 Luke Killeen Declan  Killeen Jack McDiarmid 61.95
53 Matt Marson Luke Killeen Declan  Killeen 61.25
62 Luke Killeen Declan  Killeen Jack McDiarmid 62.65
FINAL Luke Killeen Declan  Killeen Jack McDiarmid 63.00
Heat First Second Third Time
36 Reece Liptrott / Jesse Thomas DARREN NASH / Ash Shield Bob King / Daniel Wallis 66.02
37 Russell Mitchell / Drew Lock Jeff Bishop / Juston Winchester Rocky Bryan / Courtney Heft 65.61
45 Russell Mitchell / Drew Lock Bob King / Daniel Wallis Steve  Sutherland / Matty Mauger 66.82
46 DARREN NASH / Ash Shield Jeff Bishop / Juston Winchester 64.47
54 DARREN NASH / Ash Shield Jeff Bishop / Juston Winchester Troy Craig / Matt Young 61.25
55 Russell Mitchell / Drew Lock Reece Liptrott / Jesse Thomas Bob King / Daniel Wallis 62.52
63 Jeff Bishop / Juston Winchester Rocky Bryan / Courtney Heft Troy Craig / Matt Young 65.03
64 DARREN NASH / Ash Shield Russell Mitchell / Drew Lock Stephen McMurray / Jayson Williams 64.85
B FINAL Reece Liptrott / Jesse Thomas Rocky Bryan / Courtney Heft Reece Liptrott / Jesse Thomas  
FINAL Darren Nash / Ash Shield Reece Liptrott / Jesse Thomas Russell Mitchell / Drew Lock 64.35
* Flat Trackers  
Heat First Second Third Time
39 Seane Chapman Brook Lawson Bryan Miller 71.18
40 Matt Marson Christopher Gordon Jack Zahra 74.42
41 Sean Curtis Mick Godbold Stuart Humphris 74.15
48 Bryan Miller Brandon Coombe Christopher Gordon 71.35
49 Robert Stout Matt Marson Dean Condren 72.18
50 Seane Chapman Brook Lawson Sean Curtis 71.17
57 Bryan Miller Robert Stout Brook Lawson 70.26
58 Seane Chapman Matt Marson Christopher Gordon 0.00
59 Sean Curtis Dean Condren Stephan Forrest 73.37
66 Seane Chapman Dean Condren Sean Curtis 0.00
67 Matt Marson Robert Stout Jack Zahra 72.98
68 Bryan Miller Brook Lawson Brandon Coombe 70.82
FINAL Bryan Miller Seane Chapman Matt Marson 89.00