Report 1


In what could quite possibly be a dress rehearsal for the Australian Championship set down for the ‘Woffy’ track at Pinjar Park on January 17th next year, Luke Killeen added a second WA Title to his growing and impressive resume.

In remaining unbeaten on the night, Killeen also rode the full program of the 250cc’s winning every event on them as well.

Fourteen riders took part in the WA 125cc Championship, with the experienced trio of Killeen plus brothers Jack and Mitchell McDiarmid dominating proceedings.

These three plus Max Harvey who had won an entertaining B-Final contested the Championship Final with Killeen gating brilliantly and leading all the way. Mitchell McDiarmid who gave good chase came second, with Jack McDiarmid third.

Senior Solo events provided some interesting moments for Jarryd Ziedas, Doug Scoble and Kale Ballantyne who all finished the night with injuries. Brad Gordon would win the Final over Dan Winchester, Kobee Ziedas and Bryan Miller.

Senior Sidecars provided plenty of discussion on the night. The ‘Woffy’ track and its unique challenges caught several teams out. The combination of former A1/WA1 Russell Mitchell with passenger Morgan Cornwall won the A Final over Josh Wells/Chromie Holmwood with Dylan Milton/Josh O’Brien in third.

Junior Sidecars saw Jake Harvey/Tylar Solomon win their first Final in quite a few meetings with perennial rivals Adam Fewster/Thomas Grigson in second.


WA 125cc Title Luke Killeen 12, Mitchell McDiarmid 11, Jack McDiarmid 10, Colby Mason 9, Max Harvey 9, Tyler Madgen 7, Xander Smith 6, Hunter Mason 6, Trevor Dossett 5, Regan Dossett 5, Jett Harvey 4, Alex Prall 4, Linkin Metcalf 2, Jake Corbett 2.

B Final: Max Harvey, Xander Smith, Tyler Madgen, Colby Mason (fell) Time 56.44

A Final: Luke Killeen, Mitchell McDiarmid, Jack McDiarmid, Max Harvey Time 47.96

Under 16 250cc: Luke Killeen 12, Jack McDiarmid 7, Lincoln Worroll 5

500cc Solos: Dan Winchester 12, Kobee Ziedas 10, Brad Gordon 9, Bryan Miller 8, Doug Scoble 6, Jason Marzoli 5, Drew Winchester 5, Kale Ballantyne 0, Jarryd Ziedas 0.

B Final: Miller, Marzoli, Drew Winchester. Time: Not taken

A Final: Gordon, Daniel Winchester, Kobee Ziedas, Miller Time 44.18

Senior Sidecars: Mitchell/Cornwall 12, Wells/Holmwood 10, Milton/O’Bryan 9, Liptrott/Thomas 8, Harvey/Thomson 8, Scoble/Furfaro 5, Wenn/Coogan 5, Hankin/Hesling 4, Charsley/Reece 3

B Final: Milton/O’Bryan, Harvey/Thomson, Liptrott/Thomas (disq) Time 46.72

A Final: Mitchell/Cornwall, Wells/Holmwood, Milton/O’Bryan (disq) Time 46.24

Junior Sidecars: Fewster/Grigson 12, Harvey/Solomon 11

Final: Harvey/Solomon, Fewster/Grigson 48.75


500cc Solo – 125cc Solo State Title
RiderTotalHeat 1Heat 2Heat 3Heat 4Heat 5Heat 6PointsFinal 500cc SOLOTOTAL A FINALGATEFINISH
Daniel Winchester143333122Daniel Winchester14Daniel WinchesterY2
Kobee Ziedas112233101Kobee Ziedas11Kobee ZiedasB1
Brad Gordon12232293Brad Gordon12Brad GordonR3
Bryan Miller8312280Bryan Miller8Bryan MillerW0
Doug Scoble633DNSDNS6Doug Scoble6
Jason Marzoli5221F5Jason Marzoli5
Drew Winchester511215Drew Winchester5B FINALGATEFINISH
Jarryd Ziedas0DNFDNSDNSDNS0Jarryd Ziedas0Bryan MillerRWinner
Kale Ballantyne0FDNSDNSDNS0Kale Ballantyne0Jason MarzoliB
1000cc Sidecars – 125cc Solo State Title
RiderTotalHeat 1Heat 2Heat 3Heat 4Heat 5Heat 6PointsFinal 1000cc SIDECARSTOTAL A FINALGATEFINISH
Mitchell / Cornwell153333123Mitchell / Cornwell15Mitchell / CornwellR3
Wells / Holmwood123232102Wells / Holmwood12Wells / HolmwoodB2
Milton / O’Bryan10232291Milton / O’Bryan10Milton / O’BryanW1
Liptrott / Thomas8EX3238Liptrott / Thomas8
Harvey / Thomson8DNF2338Harvey / Thomson8
Scoble / Passenger511215Scoble / Passenger5B FINALGATEFINISH
Wenn / Coggan5221EX5Wenn / Coggan5Milton / O’BryanRWinner
Charsley / Reece31DNFDNF23Charsley / Reece3Liptrott / ThomasB
Hankin / Hesling33DNFDNFDNS3Hankin / Hesling3Harvey / ThomsonW
250cc Sidecars – 125cc Solo State Title
RiderTotalHeat 1Heat 2Heat 3Heat 4Heat 5Heat 6PointsFinal250cc Sidecars – 125cc Solo State TitleTOTAL FINALGATEFINISH
Harvey / Soloman1533EX33123Harvey / Soloman0Harvey / SolomanR3
Fewster / Grigson1322322112Fewster / Grigson0Fewster / GrigsonB2
125cc Solos – 125cc Solo State Title
RiderTotalHeat 1Heat 2Heat 3Heat 4Heat 5Heat 6PointsFinal500cc SOLOTOTAL A FINALGATEFINISH
Luke Killeen1833333153Luke Killeen18Luke KilleenR3
Mitchell McDiarmid1633323142Mitchell McDiarmid16Mitchell McDiarmidB2
Jack McDiarmid1433313131Jack McDiarmid14Jack McDiarmidW1
Colby Mason122233212Colby Mason12Max HarveyY0
Max Harvey1113232110Max Harvey11
Xander Smith9121239Xander Smith9
Hunter Mason8300328Hunter Mason8
Tyler Madgen8211228Tyler Madgen8B FINALGATEFINISH
Trevar Dossett5112105Trevar Dossett5Colby MasonR
Regan Dossett5020215Regan Dossett5Max HarveyBWinner
Jett Harvey5022015Jett Harvey5Xander SmithW
Alex Prall52EX2DNS15Alex Prall5Tyler Madgeny
Jake Corbett2DNF110DNS2Jake Corbett2
Linkin Metcalf22DNFDNSDNSDNS2Linkin Metcalf2
250cc Solos – 125cc Solo State Title
RiderTotalHeat 1Heat 2Heat 3Heat 4Heat 5Heat 6PointsFinal250cc SOLOSTOTAL FINALGATEFINISH
Luke Killeen12333312Luke Killeen12Luke Killeen
Jack McDiarmid712227Jack McDiarmid7Jack McDiarmid
Lincoln Worroll521115Lincoln Worroll5Lincoln Worroll
Thumpsters – 125cc Solo State Title
RiderTotalHeat 1Heat 2Heat 3Heat 4Heat 5Heat 6PointsFinalTHUMPSTERSTOTAL FINALGATEFINISH
Tyler Madgen12333312Tyler Madgen12Tyler Madgen
Jake Corbett822228Jake Corbett8Jake Corbett
Phoenix Elliott311F13Phoenix Elliott3Phoenix Elliott