Report 1


by Grant Woodhams



Leading Western Australian 500cc Solo rider Matt Marson was too good for a stellar field of WA’s best flat track riders when he won his four qualifying heats and went on to win the four laps Final.

Marson was mainly unchallenged on the night his main threat coming from former Solo rider Des Heys who had returned for “… a little bit of fun…”

A field of over thirty riders contested twelve heats with the top ten on points qualifying directly into the championship final. The next twelve then contested a B Final with the first two transferring to the championship race.

Marson would lead the final from start to finish with Jackson McGrath settling into second and a good battle for third and fourth between Des Heys, Brandon Combe, Tom Leisk, Brook Lawson, Leigh Boujos and Adam Fanderlinden. Heys would eventually take third with Coombe fourth.

Apart from Marson’s four heat wins, others to race to victory included Tom Leisk (2), Des Heys (2), Leigh Boujos, Mick Godbold, Brandon Coombe and Brook Lawson. Fast time of the night was Marson’s 72.094 in winning Heat Five.



Second year rider Declan Killeen surprised pre race favourite Dan Winchester with a great start and showed good speed and skill in holding his more experienced competitor at bay to win the Solo Final. Winchester along with Matt Marson looked set to fight out this race out but Marson withdrew to concentrate on his Flat track racing. Jarryd Zeidas and Drew Winchester were purely riding spectators as they saw Killeen and Winchester race away at the start.


After a break from racing to recover from an operation and also to rebuild his outfit Jeff Bishop saved the best until last when he surprised a strong field to win the Sidecar Final. Darren Nash & Ash Shield had been unbeaten on the night and young guns Jack Fewster/Steve McQueen and Reece Liptrott/Jesse Thomas were in scintillating form. Bishop and his passenger Chromie Holmwood were the outsiders. But they tipped the form guide on its’ head with a top start and with great track craft held off the fast finishing Fewster/McQueen team to take a popular win.



Jack McDiarmid made the most of the absence of Luke Killeen to win the 250 Final. Killeen had been in good form early in the night but failed to make the Final with engine issues. When Colby Mason fell chasing Jack McDiarmid at the half way point the race was all over.


Australian 125cc Champion Luke Killeen had another perfect night aboard his 125cc Solo winning his four qualifying heats and then seeing off a strong challenge from Linkin Metcalf to win the Final. Metcalf has improved considerably and is a genuine contender for the WA Title which goes on the line in a few weeks time. Mitchell McDiarmid despite engine issues was good enough to make the final as did the very consistent Max Harvey. Once again a very good field of 125’s, fifteen to be precise, were on hand and produced some great racing. Others to stand out on the night included Dom Colmore, Tyler Madgen and Phoenix Elliott.



Adam Fewster and his partner in crime Thomas Grigson had a night out taking five wins from five starts in the 250cc Junior Sidecars. He was able to find a way to the front every time which was impressive to watch as he was up against long time rivals Jake Harvey/Tylar Solomon and the rapidly improving brother and sister combination of Chayne and Porsha Roe. Top shelf racing from all three teams made these some of the best races on the night.

RESULTS 28/11/2020

Flat Track (all races four laps)

Flat Track Heat 1: Tom Leisk, Lachlan Roberts, Brook Lawson, Leon Brindal Time: 76.342

Flat Track Heat 2: Matt Marson, Adam Fanderlinden, Jackson McGrath, Jason Ovens. Time 72.712

Flat Track Heat 3: Des Heys, Brandon Coombe, Leigh Boujos, James Keen. Time 72.933

Flat Track Heat 4: Leigh Boujos, Brook Lawson, Tom Leisk, Rohan Carwadine. Time 73.331

Flat Track Heat 5: Matt Marson, Des Heys, Brandon Coombe, Adam Fanderlinden. Time 72.074

Flat Track Heat 6: Mick Godbold, Jackson McGrath, Brian Watson, Erich Zwick. Time 73.187

Flat Track Heat 7: Brandon Coombe, Adam Fanderlinden, Mick Godbold, Lachlan Roberts 72.184

Flat Track Heat 8: Tom Leisk, Rohan Carwadine, Erich Zwick, Shanan Knight. Time 76.14

Flat Track Heat 9: Matt Marson, Des Heys, Jackson McGrath, Leigh Boujos. Time 72.292

Flat Track Heat 10: Des Heys, Jackson McGrath, Leigh Boujos, Sheldon Gill. Time 73.247

Flat Track Heat 11: Brook Lawson, Brandon Coombe, Mick Godbold, Adam Fanderlinden 73.457

Flat Track Heat 12: Matt Marson, Leon Brindal, Samuel Davies, Daniel Bishop Time 76.716

B Final : Sheldon Gill, Jason Ovens, Daniel Bishop, Leon Brindal. Time 75.920

Championship Final: Matt Marson, Jackson McGrath, Des Heys, Brandon Coombe. Time 72.460

500cc Solos (all races four laps)

Heat 1: Daniel Winchester, Matt Marson, Declan Killeen Time: 61.88 secs

Heat 2: Matt Marson, Daniel Winchester, Declan Killeen Time: 61.60 secs

Heat 3: Daniel Winchester, Declan Killeen, Jarryd Zeidas Time: 63.28 secs

Heat 4: Daniel Winchester, Declan Killeen, Jarryd Zeidas Time 63.90 secs

Final: Declan Killeen, Daniel Winchester, Jarryd Zeidas, Drew Winchester Time 64.74 secs

Senior Sidecars (all races four laps)


Heat 1: Liptrott/Thomas, Fewster/McQueen NTT

Heat 2: Nash/Shield, D Bishop/Winchester, Sutherland/Mauger Time 66.37 secs

Heat 3: Nash/Shield, Liptrott/Thomas, J Bishop/Holmwood Time 66.74 secs

Heat 4: Fewster/McQueen, D Bishop/Winchester, Sutherland/Mauger Time 66.98 secs

Heat 5: Fewster/McQueen, Liptrott/Thomas Time 65.35 secs

Heat 6: Nash/Shield, J Bishop/Holmwood, Sutherland/Mauger Time 67.84 secs

Heat 7: Nash/Shield, J Bishop/Holmwood, Fewster/McQueen Time 67.21 secs

Heat 8: Liptrott/Thomas, McMurray/Williams Time 66.98 secs

Final: J Bishop/Holmwood, Fewster/McQueen, Liptrott/Thomas, Nash/Shield Time 67.18 secs



250cc Solos (all races four laps)


Heat 1. Luke Killeen, Jack McDiarmid, Colby Mason Time 64.85 secs

Heat 2. Luke Killeen, Jack McDiarmid, Colby Mason Time 68.32 secs

Heat 3. Luke Killeen, Colby Mason, Jack McDiarmid (fell) Time 63.27 secs

Heat 4. Luke Killeen, Jack McDiarmid, Colby Mason Time 67.80

Final: Jack McDiarmid, Colby Mason Time 69.53 secs


125cc Solos (all races four laps)


Heat 1. Alex Prall, Tyler Madgen, Axle McCarthy, Noah Sandilands Time 49.32 secs

Heat 2. Phoenix Elliott, Jake Corbett, Jett Harvey, Dom Colemore DNF Time 50.78 secs

Heat 3. Luke Killeen, Hunter Mason, Trevar Dossett, Mitch McDiarmid DNF Time 43.13 secs

Heat 4. Linkin Metcalf, Max Harvey, Xander Smith DNF Time 45.63 secs

Heat 5. Axle McCarthy, Tyler Madgen, Phoenix Elliott, Alex Prall DNF Time 47.24 secs

Heat 6. Dom Colmore, Jake Corbett, Jett Harvey, Noah Sandilands Time 45.07 secs

Heat 7. Luke Killeen, Linkin Metcalf, Hunter Mason Time 42.44 secs

Heat 8. Trevar Dossett, Max Harvey, Xander Smith, Mitch McDiarmid DNF Time 46.46 secs

Heat 9. Jett Harvey, Jake Corbett, Noah Sandilands Time 49.78 secs

Heat 10. Phoenix Elliott, Dom Colmore, Tyler Madgen, Axle McCarthy, Alex Prall Time 49.58 secs

Heat 11. Luke Killeen, Mitch McDiarmid, Xander Smith Time 42.33 secs

Heat 12. Linkin Metcalf, Max Harvey, Hunter Mason, Trevar Dossett Time 41.80 secs

Heat 13. Dom Colmore, Tyler Madgen, Noah Sandilands, Phoenix Elliott FELL Time 44.94 secs

Heat 14. Axle McCarthy, Alex Prall, Jett Harvey, Jake Corbett Time 46.12 secs

Heat 15. Mitchell McDiarmid, Max Harvey, Hunter Mason, Linkin Metcalf FELL Time 43.06 secs

Heat 16. Luke Killeen, Trevar Dossett, Xander Smith Time 42.12 secs

B Final. Dom Colmore, Phoenix Elliott, Axle McCarthy, Jett Harvey NTT

A Final. Luke Killeen, Max Harvey, Mitch McDiarmid DNF, Linkin Metcalf DNF Time 42.50 secs

250cc Junior Sidecars (all races four laps)

Heat 1. Fewster/Grigson, Roe/Roe, Harvey/Solomon DNF Time 42.83 secs

Heat 2. Fewster/Grigson, Harvey/Solomon, Roe/Roe DNF Time 42.54 secs

Heat 3. Fewster/Grigson, Harvey/Solomon, Roe/Roe Time 41.87 secs

Heat 4. Fewster/Grigson, Harvey/Solomon, Roe/Roe Time 41.33 ses

Final. Fewster/Grigson, Roe/Roe, Harvey/Solomon DQ Time 41.45 secs

110cc Bikes (all races four laps)


Heat 1. Ryley Fitford, Tyler Madgen, Cody Prime, NTT

Heat 2. Phoenix Elliott, Sonny Fitford, Pace Sturmfels, Mason Robins NTT

Heat 3. Phoenix Elliott, Tyler Madgen, Pace Sturmfels Time 48.84 secs

Heat 4. Ryley Fitford, Sonny Fitford, Cody Prime, Mason Robins Time 48.08 secs

Heat 5. Ryley Fitford, Tyler Madgen, Sonny Fitford, Pace Sturmfels FELL Time 49.52 secs

Heat 6. Phoenix Elliott, Cody Prime, Mason Robins Time 50.40 secs

Heat 7. Phoenix Elliott, Ryley Fitford, Mason Robins Time 47.98 secs

Heat 8. Tyler Madgen, Cody Prime, Sonny Fitford Time 50.46 secs

Final. Ryley Fitford, Tyler Madgen, Cody Prime, Phoenix Elliott FELL Time 49.19 secs


Full Results and Timing Sheet Here