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Pinjar Park 2018/19 Presentation Night Wrap

Saturday 6th April saw the Club celebrate the achievements of the riders throughout the 2018/19 season.


President Marshall McDiarmid noted “that the racing has been outstanding and watching from the sidelines it has been incredible to see all riders right from Peewees to seniors improve not only speed but also all the technical aspects to racing”

Marshall acknowledged the preseason preparation of the senior venue “The committee’s mission this season was to complete the construction of the senior track, this required all hands on deck by the riders, their families and anyone else that they could bring in as well as three compulsory busy bees, this made the off season pretty busy but I think you will all agree that this strategy and the success of your season is rebuilding the sport, refreshing enthusiasm of current riders with old and new riders entering the track as well as spectators slowly building.”

During the presentation night, Volunteers and riders were acknowledged “I would like to thank all of our Volunteers and Officials that assist in putting a race day and a presentation night together. The program is put together by a team of 4 people and has become a collectable item for some spectators and the committee has collected some programs to send to a keen supporter overseas.

The new track has required 4 flag marshals with extra marshals in the pits and I would like to acknowledge riders, who have not been able to ride, step up and assist in the pits. There is the crew who prepares the track throughout the season, giving up many hours of their week as well as on race night. Our food, bar, merchandise and raffle crew work tirelessly to bring in extra funds on race nights and ensure that the spectators are fed, watered and happy on the terraces.

The Officials have had to learn a new track this season and over the off season the kerb will installed that will make the nights racing even better.”

The President thanked Ken Johnstone and Maree Williams for their continued support of the Most Improved Senior Solo, honouring past rider and speedway supporter Mark Williams with the Mark Williams Memorial Shield as it was presented to Bryan Miller.

PeeweePeewee SuperstarJett Harvey
PeeweePeewee SuperstarNate Rice
PeeweePeewee SuperstarCoby Robson
PeeweePeewee SuperstarRegan Dossett
PeeweePeewee SuperstarMason Robins
PeeweePeewee SuperstarDeegan Vassiliou
PeeweePeewee SuperstarDominick Colmore
PeeweePeewee SuperstarPace Sturmfels
Club Championship PointsThumpsters3rdAxle McCarthy
Club Championship PointsThumpsters2ndDarcey Timmis
Club Championship PointsThumpsters1stTyler Magden
Club Championship Points125cc Solo Lites3rdAxle McCarthy
Club Championship Points125cc Solo Lites2ndMax Harvey
Club Championship Points125cc Solo Lites1stTrevar Dossett
Club Championship Points125cc Solo3rdMitchell McDiarmid
Club Championship Points125cc Solo2ndJack McDiarmid
Club Championship Points125cc Solo1stLuke Killeen
Club Championship Points250cc Solo3rdRyan Philippson
Club Championship Points250cc Solo2ndLincoln Worroll
Club Championship Points250cc Solo1stDeclan Killeen
Club Championship PointsJunior Sidecars2ndJack Fewster / Adam Fewster
Club Championship PointsJunior Sidecars1stJake Harvey / Tyler Solomon
Club Championship Points500cc Solo3rdDes Heys
Club Championship Points500cc Solo2ndMatt Marson
Club Championship Points500cc Solo1stDaniel Winchester
Club Championship PointsSenior Sidecars3rdChad Harvey / Nathan Metcalf
Club Championship PointsSenior Sidecars2ndRyan Fanderlinden / Adam Fanderlinden
Club Championship PointsSenior Sidecars1stReece Liptrott / Jesse Thomas
Summer Slam Championship Series500cc Solo3rdFrank Smart
Summer Slam Championship Series500cc Solo2ndDaniel Winchester
Summer Slam Championship Series500cc Solo1stMatt Marson
Summer Slam Championship SeriesSenior Sidecars3rdRyan Fanderlinden / Adam Fanderlinden
Summer Slam Championship SeriesSenior Sidecars2ndJeff Bishop / Daniel Bishop
Summer Slam Championship SeriesSenior Sidecars1stReece Liptrott / Jesse Thomas
Most Improved JuniorTrevar Dossett
Most Improved SeniorBryan MillerSponsored by Ken Johnston
Most Improved SidecarReece Liptrott / Jesse Thomas
Life MemberMartin Vaughan
Club PersonTayla Susac
Deb Patterson AwardAndrea Killeen
President’s AwardMichael Murphy
Junior RookieTrevar Dossett
Senior RookieJason Marzoli
Hard Luck AwardBrad Gordon
Best Presented SoloDrew Winchester
Best Presented SidecarJeff Bishop – Bishop Racing 81
AwardAwarded To
Certificate of AppreciationTiny
Certificate of AppreciationJustin Leach
Certificate of AppreciationJoy Gordon
Certificate of AppreciationJohn and Maureen Heeps
Certificate of AppreciationGrant Woodhams
Certificate of AppreciationChris Fayle
Certificate of AppreciationKen Brown
Certificate of AppreciationAndrea Killeen
Certificate of AppreciationTayla Susac
Certificate of AppreciationJessica Murphy
Certificate of AppreciationAlan Swan
Certificate of AppreciationGraham Moody
Certificate of AppreciationGraeme Hedington
Certificate of AppreciationMartin Vaughan
Certificate of AppreciationJak Rice
Certificate of AppreciationMark Marcollini
Certificate of AppreciationShane Rice
Certificate of AppreciationJason Rice
Certificate of AppreciationChris Nixon
Certificate of AppreciationMegan Heeps
Certificate of AppreciationLeah Heeps
Certificate of AppreciationPaul Winchester
Certificate of AppreciationTrevor Williams
Certificate of AppreciationRon Hoogenkamp
Certificate of AppreciationDavid Ziedas
Certificate of AppreciationMark Bodle
Certificate of AppreciationJon Gall
Certificate of AppreciationWarwick Hemy