Report 1

Pinjar Park Summer Slam 3 Wrap

Matt ‘the Master’ Marson too good in Solos Slam 3

Young gun Matt Marson rode one of the best races of the summer to take the all-important win in the Solo A Final and held off both a determined Kale Ballantyne and Daniel Winchester on his way to the chequered flag. Marson led from the start of the four laps journey and was never headed. Ballantyne who earlier in the night had set quick time for the season (61.52 secs) chased hard but ran out of track in the last corner surrendering his place to Winchester. The improving Ryan Pope finished fourth on a track which was almost perfectly curated by steady but very light rain and almost still conditions times were quick. Kale Ballantyne who has only had a few rides at Pinjar this season set an unofficial time of 61.52 seconds in Heat 6. Times were consistent all night with several heat winner’s recording sub 63 secs for the four laps. Marson’s winning time in the final was 62.54. Marson and Ballantyne won three heats each on their way to the A Final while other heat winners included Dan Winchester, who had an uncharacteristic fall in his last heat, Blake Russell and Ryan Pope. Russell looked to have the B Final in his keeping only to fall between turns three and four.


Liptrott and Thomas continue to lead the Sidecar Brigade


Like the Solos the Sidecars appreciated a brilliant racing surface and didn’t disappoint with some great racing by all teams. The father and son combination of Jeff and Daniel Bishop were the top qualifiers on the night, and set fast time in Heat 2 with a 65.72. While the times are unofficial the best time for the outfits was recorded by Liptrott/Thomas at the February 16th meeting when they recorded 64.72. The Bishops won three of their four heats, Liptrott/Thomas two, while other wins went to the Fanderlinden Brothers, who were unfortunately sidelined for most of the night with engine problems, Harvey/Metcalf and Milton/O’Bryan. A couple of passenger changes on the night saw Matt Reece swinging for Scott Charsley and Morgan Cornwall swinging for Rocky Bryan.


Liptrott/Thomas got the better of the Bishops at the start of the A Final and never looked back as they headed for victory. The Bishops shook off the challenges of Harvey/Metcalf and prevailed for second. Harvey and Metcalf who’d ridden hard all night found themselves on the wrong side of the track at one point of the race and were excluded for racing on the infield elevating Charsley/Reece to third place.



Bartlett, Boujos and Bishop – best in Dirt Trackers

 Courtesy of Jessica Boujos we had a list of riders, numbers and bike makes which was tremendous and made our job in commentary much easier. Thanks Jessica, who incidentally rode well all night on her 250 giving some of the bigger boys a lesson. Greg Bartlett was the man to beat and he was virtually unstoppable out of the gate and he had a couple of mates in Tim Boujos and Jason “Headlights On” Bishop for company. These three dominated proceedings with Bartlett winning the four qualifiers plus the Final. Others to impress on the night included Brandon Coombe, Scott Moffat, Kathryn Scoble, Ray Coleman and Deon Moore. More dirt trackers please!


Junior Jottings.

250 cc’s continue to impress


The Killeen brothers, Declan and Luke again were the pick of the 250’s. The boys enjoy the time on the big track and Declan was in great form taking five wins from five starts. Younger brother Luke who was also riding 125cc’s on the night took five second placings, while Ryan Phillipson was close enough to the leading two but could not improve on third and along with Lincoln Worroll spent some time on the infield courtesy of dropping their models. Best time of the night was Declan Killeen’s 66.50 sec, which is pretty quick when you compare it to the 500’s!


250cc Sidecars


No beg pardons here as the Fewster brothers, Jack and Adam take on their long-time rivals Jake Harvey and Tylar Solomon. Nothing is taken for granted and no quarter given. The lead is swapped on regular occasions and most races decided only in the last corner. The Fewster’s won the Final, but only just. Hip and shoulder is not just a football term! Best time of the night was 42.43 to the Fewster’s.


125cc’s put on a great show on the Junior track


The irrepressible Luke Killeen had another good night on the 125’s winning his four qualifying heats before he won the Final in the best time of the night (42.92 secs – unofficial) The McDiarmid brothers, Jack and Mitchell, as always were tough opponents and had their share of the lead but Killeen found a way to win on every occasion. Xander Smith is in good company here and is running with three of the best 125cc riders in Australia!


125cc Lites Six of the best


Another good turnout by the 125 Lites with very evenly matched riders and some great racing. Wins to Linkin Metcalf, Trevor Dossett (on his 12th birthday!), Axel McCarthy and Max Harvey. Two Finals were required. Linkin Metcalf won the first over Max Harvey and Trevor Dossett, while Axel McCarthy won the second over Darcy Timmis and Jake Corbett. Some emerging talent here once they get to 125cc’s proper.




Most of these people can also be found racing 125cc Lites. Wins shared between Axel McCarthy and Tyler Madgen, with Axel also winning the Final. Darcy Timmis working hard for third ahead of Jake Corbett.




More riders than names in the program, but everyone having fun! Mason Robins had his seventh birthday on track and enjoyed his time on the Junior track with Coby Robson, Deegan Vassiliou, Regan Dossett, Jett Harvey, and new comer Pace Sturmfels.


One Lap Show Stoppers – aka Balance Bikes


Another great one lap dash by a good field on bikes that only have a frame, handlebar, seat and rider. Everyone is totally enthusiastic. From a standing start the one lap was covered in 33.58 seconds. Unofficial or not everyone had a fantastic time!




Pinjar Park Motorcycle Speedway – Junior 125 Solo Lites
Summer Slam – Round 3 – 9 March 2019
RiderTotalHeat 1Heat 2Heat 3PointsFinal
Linkin Metcalf15333123
Trevar Dossett11313101
Max Harvey1122292
Axle McCarthy1113283
Jake Corbett520141
Darcey Timmis502DNS32
Pinjar Park Motorcycle Speedway – 125cc Solo
RiderTotalHeat 1Heat 2Heat 3PointsFinal
Luke Killeen15333123
Jack McDiarmid922272
Mitchell McDiarmid511EX41
Xander Smith000000
FINAL RiderPointsPlaceGate
Luke Killeen31st
Jack McDiarmid22nd
Mitchell McDiarmid13rd
Xander Smith04th
Pinjar Park Motorcycle Speedway – 250cc Solo
RiderTotalHeat 1Heat 2Heat 3PointsFinal
Declan Killeen15333123
Luke Killeen1022282
Ryan Philippson511141
Lincoln Worroll000DNF00
FINAL RiderPointsPlaceGate
Declan Killeen31st
Luke Killeen22nd
Ryan Philippson13rd
Lincoln Worroll04th
RiderTotalHeat 1Heat 2Heat 3PointsFinalB-Final – 500’s
Matt Marson14333113Blake Russell
Kale Ballantyne12332111Jarryd Ziedas
Daniel Winchester1023382Jason Marzoli
Blake Russell93219Daniel Winchester
Ryan Pope912390
Jarry Ziedas62126
Jason Marzoli51225A-Final – 500
Brad Gordon42DNFDNF4Kale Ballantyne
Bryan Miller30113Matt Marson
Ethan Ballantyne30113Ryan Pope
Jason Bishop2EX0DNS2Dan Winchester
Drew Winchester11001
FINAL  RiderPointsPlaceGate
Kale Ballantyne13rd
Matt Marson31st
Ryan Pope04th
Dan Winchester22nd
RiderTotalHeat 1Heat 2Heat 3PointsFinal
Jack Fewster / Adam Fewster11EX3392
Jake Harvey / Tylar Solomon1232293
FINAL RiderPointsPlaceGate
Jack Fewster / Adam Fewster2nd2
Jake Harvey / Tylar Solomon1st3
Pinjar Park Motorcycle Speedway – Sidecars (Seniors)
RiderTotalHeat 1Heat 2Heat 3PointsFinalDylan Milton / Josh O’Bryan
Jeff Bishop/Daniel Bishop13323112Leigh Boujos / Clinton Holmwood
Reece Liptrott/Jesse Thomas13232103Scott Charsley / Jamie Thomson
Chad Harvey / Nathan Metcalf61DNF36Rocky O’Brien / Morgan Cornwell
Dylan Milton / Josh O’Bryan60326
Leigh Boujos / Clinton Holmwood62116A-Final – 500’s
Scott Charsley / Jamie Thomson411031Jeff Bishop/Daniel Bishop
Ryan Fanderlinden / Adam Fand33DNSDNS3Reece Liptrott/Jesse Thomas
Rocky Bryan / Morgan Cromwell30213Chad Harvey / Nathan Metcalf
Driver / Riley Littlefair00Scott Charsley / Jamie Thomson
FINAL RiderPointsPlaceGate
Jeff Bishop / Daniel Bishop22nd
Reece Liptrott / Jesse Thomas31st
Chad Harvey / Nathan MetcalfEX
Scott Charsley / Jamie Thomson13rd