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KILLEEN KILLEEN KILLEEN – A threepeat for Luke in Gordon Rowland Memorial

125cc Junior Solo rider Luke Killeen rode one of the best meetings seen by an individual in recent times at Pinjar Park when he won every event he contested. In doing so he added a third successive Gordon Rowland Memorial to an already impressive resume. With the Australian 125 cc and 250 cc Titles set down for Pinjar Park in mid-January Luke Killeen has signalled that he will be hard to beat. Before that he will defend his WA 125cc Title in late November.


The Gordon Rowland is contested by riders in the 125cc and 125cc Lite categories.

The 125’s consisted of Trevor Dossett, Luke Killeen, Colby Mason, Tyler Madgen, Axel McCarthy, Jack McDiarmid, Mitchell McDiarmid and Linkin Metcalf. As mentioned, Killeen went through undefeated. In addition to Killeen’s perfect card, Mitchell McDiarmid took three wins and Jack McDiarmid one. These three would meet in the final along with Linkin Metcalf who won the B Final. Killeen gated superbly in the final and led the McDiarmid brothers who swapped places several times until Jack ran onto the infield thus excluding himself from the results. The final placings Killeen, M McDiarmid and the much-improved Metcalf.


The 125 Lites were very competitive with a field of ten. Tyler Madgen was in top form winning his four heats while Colby Mason won three and Xander Smith won two. Others to win a heat included Hunter Mason, Max Harvey and Axel McCarthy. The B Final saw Axle McCarthy prevail over Jett Harvey and Xander Smith with Max Harvey experiencing mechanical problems. McCarthy however was unable to take his place in the A Final and was replaced by Jett Harvey. The A Final saw Tyler Madgen maintain his undefeated 125 Lite night and he won this section of the Gordon Rowland over brothers Colby and Hunter Mason.


500CC Solos: Jarryd Ziedas would win the 500 Final after a very even night of racing saw perennial favourite and Pinjar star Daniel Winchester finish qualifying with four wins and first choice of gate position. He chose the yellow helmet riding out of position four. Brad Gordon who was second top qualifier after three heats win was in the blue out of two. Kobee Ziedas selected red out of one, which left Jarryd Ziedas with white out of three. History will record that Jarryd Z had a blinder of a start and led the way over Kobee Z with youngster Gordon and pre-race favourite Winchester out the back. Winchester was riding high, looking for a way around but it was to be his eventual undoing as he turned his bike around while challenging for second and failed to finish the race. A popular win to Jarryd Ziedas, Brad Gordon maintained his very impressive start to the season while Kobee Ziedas was third.


Senior Sidecars: The tight confines of the Woffy track greeted a field of five sidecar teams who produced their usual high energy drama. The team of Dylan Milton and Steve McQueen backing themselves into the turn one fence and bring down a section. Boys and bikes OK, fence in need of repair! Eight heats were contested which resulted in the teams of Chad Harvey/Jamie Thomson, The Fanderlinden Bros and Dylan Milton/Steve McQueen making the Final. The Fanderlinden’s would win this one over Milton/McQueen with Harvey/Thomson dq’d for running on the infield.



250 CC Solos: Luke Killeen won all his rides here too, although he didn’t contest the last heat as he prepared for the 125cc Final. He did win the 250 Final though from Jack McDiarmid and Lincoln Worroll. The three all look very comfortable at this level and as mentioned previously will be serious challengers come Australian Title time on January 18th.


250 CC Sidecars: Adam Fewster has taken to piloting the A1 sidecar like a duck to water, and his new team mate Thomas Grigson has settled in very quickly on the side. Some of the best racing all night came from the on-track battles between these two and perennial rivals Jake Harvey/Tyler Solomon. On the night the new Fewster/Grigson combination held sway as they won all their heats and the Final.


110 CC’s: Another top night for Tyler Madgen in 110’s. Four starts, four wins. He had great company from Darcey Timmis whose speed out of the gate is exceptional. Jake Corbett was out with a broken wrist care of a scooter accident.


50 CC’s: The fab four Mason Moffat, Mason Robins, Coby Robson and Noah Sandilands with a lot of support from the ‘Grandstand’! These four have learnt quickly. As I wrote last time, plenty of room and time on the track for more 50’s to join in.


Balance Bikes: Like the 50cc’s we have plenty of room on track for our young balance bike riders. This is probably the only race of the night when there are more people on the infield than on the track. Always entertaining and again emphasising the great family nature of our sport.




500cc Solo – Gordon Rowland Memorial  
RiderTotalHeat 1Heat 2Heat 3Heat 4PointsFinal500cc SOLOTOTAL
Daniel Winchester12333312 Daniel Winchester12
Kobee Ziedas10222391Kobee Ziedas10
Brad Gordon10233F82Brad Gordon10
Jarryd Ziedas11312283Jarryd Ziedas11
Jason Marzoli612126 Jason Marzoli6
Drew Winchester301113 Drew Winchester3
1000cc Sidecars – Gordon Rowland Memorial  
RiderTotalHeat 1Heat 2Heat 3Heat 4PointsFinal1000cc SIDECARSTOTAL
Harvey / Thomson923319 Harvey / Thomson9
Fanderlinden / Fanderlinden12222393Fanderlinden / Fanderlinden12
Milton / McQueen103X2382Milton / McQueen10
Wenn / Morgan633XX6 Wenn / Morgan6
Charsley / Reece5XX325 Charsley / Reece5
250cc Sidecars – Gordon Rowland Memorial  
RiderTotalHeat 1Heat 2Heat 3Heat 4PointsFinal250cc SIDECARSTOTAL
Fewster / Grigson153333123Fewster / Grigson15
Harvey / Soloman8DNF22262Harvey / Soloman8
125cc Solos – Gordon Rowland Memorial  
RiderTotalHeat 1Heat 2Heat 3Heat 4PointsFinal125cc SOLOSTOTAL
Luke Killeen153333123Luke Killeen15
Mitchell McDiarmid133233112Mitchell McDiarmid13
Jack McDiarmid923229 Jack McDiarmid9
Linkin Metcalf8212271Linkin Metcalf8
Colby Mason301113 Colby Mason3
Trevar Dossett302103 Trevar Dossett3
Tyler Magden210DNS12 Tyler Magden2
Axle McCarthy11DNSDNSDNS1 Axle McCarthy1
250cc Solos – Gordon Rowland Memorial  
RiderTotalHeat 1Heat 2Heat 3Heat 4PointsFinal250cc SOLOSTOTAL
Jack McDiarmid11222392Jack McDiarmid11
Luke Killeen12333DNS93Luke Killeen12
Lincoln Worroll6111251Lincoln Worroll6
Thumpsters – Gordon Rowland Memorial  
RiderTotalHeat 1Heat 2Heat 3Heat 4PointsFinalTHUMPSTERSTOTAL
Tyler Magden131333103Tyler Magden13
Darcey Timmis10222282Darcey Timmis10
125cc Solo Lites – Gordon Rowland Memorial  
RiderTotalHeat 1Heat 2Heat 3Heat 4PointsFinal125cc SOLO LITESTOTAL
Tyler Magden143233113Tyler Magden14
Hunter Mason10322291Hunter Mason10
Colby Mason11333F92Colby Mason11
Axel McCarthy923139 Axel McCarthy9
Xander Smith713307   
Max Harvey6DNF1236   
Jett Harvey5F2125   
Regan Dossett521115   
Alex Prall410214   
Darcey Timmis301023