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See below the Video Wrap from last nights CHUM TAYLOR / DENNIS NASH FOUNDATION CUP




Taylor/Nash Foundation Cup


An exceptionally good night of Solo racing was complemented by some equally good Sidecar racing that resulted in two fantastic finals to establish the senior winners of the Chum Taylor/Dennis Nash Foundation Cup. If the opening meeting is any indication of the season ahead it will certainly be a memorable one.


Popular sidecar duo Darren Nash and Ash Shield were back on the first night of action of the 20-21 season to complete some unfinished business. And they finished it in style with an undefeated night. They were up against some very accomplished opposition in State Champions Daniel Bishop/Juston Winchester plus Reece Liptrott/Jesse Thomas; Ryan Fanderlinden/Adam Fanderlinden and Jack Fewster/Steve McQueen, but had answers for them all night.


Veteran Solo rider Frank Smart showed that he will be a major force to be reckoned with a classy exhibition that saw him engage in some great battles with the likes of Steve Johnston, Matt Marson and Daniel Winchester. The all important final could have been won by any of the aforementioned but it was Smart who prevailed. His gating was classy all night.


Luke Killeen had an unbeaten run in the 250cc Solos and showed why he is highly rated as a major prospect. Jack McDiarmid and Colby Mason were smooth but no match for Killeen on the night.


Junior Sidecar racing produced a major upset when the team of Chayne and Portia Roe proved too strong for the experienced Harvey brothers and Adam Fewster/Thomas Grigson. The Roes in their first official meeting gated and rode well.


A big field of fifteen 125cc Solos fronted for action with Mitchell McDiarmid holding off a strong challenge from Linkin Metcalf to win the Final with Colby Mason in third.


In the 110cc division Tyler Madgen who also rode 125’s won the Final with Phoenix Elliott in second and Jake Corbett in third.




Senior Sidecars: 1st Nash/Shield, 2nd Liptrott/Thomas, 3rd Fewster/McQueen, 4th Fanderlinden/Fanderlinden. Time 65.70 secs


500cc Senior Solos: 1st Frank Smart, 2nd Steve Johnston, 3rd Daniel Winchester, 4th Matt Marson. Time 63.18 secs


250cc Solos: 1st Luke Killeen, 2nd Jack McDiarmid, 3rd Colby Mason. Time 67.44 secs


250cc Sidecars: 1st Chayne and Portia Roe, 2nd Adam Fewster/Thomas Grigson, 3rd Jake and Max Harvey. Time 42.09 secs


125cc Solos: 1st Mitchell McDiarmid, 2nd Linkin Metcalf, 3rd Colby Mason, 4th Tyler Madgen. Time 41.30


110cc Bikes: 1st Tyler Madgen, 2nd Phoenix Elliott, 3rd Jake Corbett. To time provided.