Speedway Wrap

SMCWA Pinjar Park Gordon Rowland Memorial 2021

Reporter Grant Woodhams


Metcalf repeats in Rowland

Junior Solo rider Linkin Metcalf backed up his recent WA 250cc Championship win with an undefeated set of 125cc rides to claim his second Gordon Rowland Memorial.


Metcalf was untroubled in winning his four qualifying events before leading all the way in the four-lap final. The consistency of Phoenix Elliott paid off with a well-deserved second place, while the improving Noah Sandilands grabbed third after a great battle with Mason Robins.


Earlier in the program, Hunter Mason looked to have booked a place in the Championship final only to have mechanical issues while leading the B Final. Dom Colmore too was unlucky when he ran off the track in the same race and was excluded. Jake Corbett and Regan Dossett continued to show improved form.


Miller wins 500 Solo Final

Bryan Miller who last meeting won the WA Flat Tracker Title has continued on his winning ways, this time in the 500cc division with a great all the way win, in the Final. The top qualifiers were State Champion Matt Marson, who went into the Final undefeated and teenage sensation Luke Killeen who recorded the fastest time of the night. But Miller beat them both from the gate and while Marson and Killeen battled each other ahead of Jack McDiarmid, Miller rode away with the win. Declan Killeen and Jarryd Ziedas were also on the card.


500cc B’s saw Nigel Flatman again dominate proceedings. Brandon Coombe collected the safety fence airbag in the third heat and took no further part in the program. Mick Godbold, Lincoln Worroll and Nathan Eastcott also ran in the B’s. Worroll had engine problems.


Liptrott/Thomas warm up for Sidecar State Title Tilt

With the State Championship listed for the next meeting at Pinjar Park one of the best combinations in recent years, Reece Liptrott and Jesse Thomas underlined their credentials with a strong night, winning two heats and the Final. Their main opposition came from Jeff Bishop/Juston Winchester who won two heats and the young combination of Jack Fewster/Jonah Sita. State Champs Darren Nash/Ash Shield debuted a new bike but had clutch problems which sidelined them for the night.


Sidecar B action saw the much-improved Bob King/Daniel Wallis team win three of four heats. Troy Craig/Matt Young won the remaining heat. Stephen McMurray/Jason Williams and Steve Sutherland/Matty Mauger worked hard but were unrewarded despite some impressive riding.


Gill redefines Flat Track favourites

Former speedway rider Sheldon Gill made flat track racing look easy with five wins from five starts. With recently crowned State Champ Bryan Miller returning to 500cc’s, along with Matt Marson, Gill’s main opposition on the night came from Christopher Gordon who might have stopped Gill’s winning ways except for a flat tyre. In the frame were James Keen, John Hough, Brian Watson and Glen Robins. A field of eleven contested four lap races before a six lap Final.


Colby Mason’s perfect 250cc night

Five starts five wins. Mason made the 250’s his on the night and despite the presence of State Champ Linkin Metcalf, Mason was masterful. With great gating and wonderful track craft he won his four heats comfortably. Metcalf could have won the final but a costly error when he fell and slid into the air bag opened the way for Mason to complete a dream night. His younger brother Hunter along with Trevor Dossett rode well but the night belonged to Colby Mason.

Junior Flat Trackers -110’s

A highly entertaining eight heats of 110cc racing culminated in a great final that saw Coby Robson emerge victorious after a race long struggle with Phoenix Elliott and Mason Robins. Neither of who could find a way past Robson who had gated superbly. Others to impress on the night included Pace Sturmfels and Ollie Corbett while Harmony Francis also showed great speed at times.


50cc’s get plenty of track time

Another eight timed events for the youngest riders at Pinjar Park saw a field of six riders practising for the big time. While there are no winners and no chequered flags, there is always plenty to smile about. Kaden Keen, Kaiden Allen, Blake Colmore, Jy Robson, Braxton Sutherland and Johnothan Forrest made up this week’s field.














Gordon Rowland Memorial
Heat First Second Third Time
3 Phoenix Elliott Mason Robins Pace Sturmfels 0.00
4 Coby Robson Ollie Corbett   0.00
9 Coby Robson Pace Sturmfels Harmony Francis 0.00
10 Phoenix Elliott Mason Robins Ollie Corbett 48.26
15 Phoenix Elliott Ollie Corbett Harmony Francis 0.00
16 Coby Robson Mason Robins Pace Sturmfels 48.66
21 Mason Robins Coby Robson Ollie Corbett 48.36
22 Harmony Francis Pace Sturmfels Phoenix Elliott 0.00
FINAL Coby Robson Phoenix Elliott Mason Robins  
  125cc B SOLO      
Heat First Second Third Time
  125cc A SOLO      
Heat First Second Third Time
5 Noah Sandilands Phoenix Elliott Mason Robins 49.39
6 Linkin Metcalf Dom Colmore Hunter Mason 43.55
11 Hunter Mason Phoenix Elliott Noah Sandilands 44.89
12 Linkin Metcalf Dom Colmore Mason Robins 42.90
17 Dom Colmore Noah Sandilands Regan Dossett 46.63
18 Linkin Metcalf Phoenix Elliott Mason Robins 43.30
23 Linkin Metcalf Phoenix Elliott Hunter Mason 44.88
24 Noah Sandilands Mason Robins   47.53
B FINAL Mason Robins     48.90
FINAL Linkin Metcalf Phoenix Elliott Noah Sandilands 48.07
  250cc SOLO      
Heat First Second Third Time
29 Colby Mason Linkin Metcalf Hunter Mason 66.46
36 Colby Mason Linkin Metcalf Hunter Mason 64.89
43 Colby Mason Linkin Metcalf Hunter Mason 65.06
50 Colby Mason Linkin Metcalf Hunter Mason 65.47
FINAL Colby Mason Hunter Mason Trevar Dossett 68.75


500cc SOLO B

Heat First Second Third Time
30 Nigel Flatman Nathen Eastcott Mick Godbold 69.97
37 Nigel Flatman Mick Godbold Brandon Coombe 69.73
44 Nigel Flatman Mick Godbold Nathen Eastcott 0.00
51 Nathen Eastcott     58.86
  500cc SOLO A      
Heat First Second Third Time
31 Luke Killeen Jack McDiarmid Jarryd Ziedas 61.72
32 Matthew Marson Declan Killeen Bryan Miller 62.94
38 Luke Killeen Bryan Miller   61.80
39 Matthew Marson Declan Killeen Jack McDiarmid 60.98
45 Luke Killeen Declan Killeen Jack McDiarmid 60.89
46 Matthew Marson Bryan Miller   62.25
52 Bryan Miller Declan Killeen   62.24
53 Matthew Marson Jack McDiarmid Luke Killeen 62.70
FINAL Bryan Miller Matthew Marson Jack McDiarmid  61.95
  SIDECARS B      
Heat First Second Third Time
33 Troy Craig / Matt Young Bob King / Daniel Wallis Stephen McMurray / Jayson Williams 67.66
40 Bob King / Daniel Wallis Troy Craig / Matt Young   0.00
47 Bob King / Daniel Wallis Steve Sutherland / Matty Mauger Stephen McMurray / Jayson Williams 67.10
54 Bob King / Daniel Wallis Troy Craig / Matt Young Stephen McMurray / Jayson Williams 67.73
  SIDECARS A      
Heat First Second Third Time
34 Jeff Bishop / Juston Winchester Reece Liptrott / Jesse Thomas Jack Fewster / Jonah Sita 0.00
41 Jeff Bishop / Juston Winchester Jack Fewster / Jonah Sita Reece Liptrott / Jesse Thomas 66.15
48 Reece Liptrott / Jesse Thomas Jack Fewster / Jonah Sita Jeff Bishop / Juston Winchester 64.74
55 Reece Liptrott / Jesse Thomas Jack Fewster / Jonah Sita Jeff Bishop / Juston Winchester 64.67
FINAL Reece Liptrott / Jesse Thomas Jack Fewster / Jonah Sita    64.65
  Flat Trackers      
Heat First Second Third Time
35 Sheldon Gill Christopher Gordon James Keen 76.22
42 Sheldon Gill Christopher Gordon Glenn Robins 75.49
49 Sheldon Gill Christopher Gordon Brian Watson 74.56
56 Sheldon Gill James Keen John Hough 73.82

6 Laps

Sheldon Gill John Hough James Keen  1.51.64
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