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2019 Jeff Gittus Sidecar Memorial Wrap

PINJAR PARK WRITE UP 2nd February 2019

Liptrott and Thomas perfect in Gittus

Try as they may a strong and very experienced set of sidecar teams were unable to match the sheer speed and consistency of two of the youngest competitors in the field Reece Liptrott and Jesse Thomas.


Liptrott and Thomas went through their four qualifying heats undefeated on the way accounting for several other pre-race favourites. Along with Josh Wells/Clinton Holmwood and Darren Nash/Peter Teale, who rolled their outfit in their last heat, they went straight to the final.


The last chance qualifier saw a brilliant field of four assembled with the Fanderlinden brothers, defending Gittus champs Russell Mitchell/Andrew Sharpe, the inform Adam Wenn/Morgan Cornwall and the father and son combination of Jeff and Daniel Bishop. The Bishops won this amazingly all other teams failed to finish.


The final was a cracker with Liptrott/Thomas getting the best start out of gate one. At the end of turn two heading on to the back straight there was a tangle between Wells/Holmwood and Nash/Teale with both outfits ending up on the infield and out of the race. Liptrott/Thomas rode hard as their pursuers the Bishops tried to bridge the gap but were unable to do so.


Congratulations to the 2019 Jeff Gittus Sidecar Memorial winners Reece Liptrott and Jesse Thomas.

The also set the quickest unofficial four lap time in the final recording 1 min 7.26 secs.


Winchester, Bailey, Marson, Gordon shine in Solos

Daniel Winchester worked hard all night to emerge as top qualifier after a very even set of heats had seen him win three of his four starts. His only loss was at the hands of Brad Gordon who is really finding his feet on the 500’s. Resident UK rider Josh Bailey also won three heats, while Matt Marson won two as did Brad Gordon. Both Des Heys and Ryan Pope took a win a piece.


Winchester, Bailey and Marson went through to the Final while Heys, Gordon, Pope and Jason Marzoli contested the semi with Heys finally getting the better of Pope to make the solo’s main event of the night. A very competitive Matt Marson gave the green leathered Winchester some tough opposition but Winny prevailed in the end, with Josh Bailey finishing in third, Heys in fourth.

Best unofficial time of the night went to Josh Bailey in Heat Eleven with a 1 min 3.34 secs.


Junior Jottings

Declan Killeen and Lincoln Worroll contested four heats and a final in the 250’s with Killeen back from Queensland where he finished 7th in the Australian Championship taking all five.


125’s were also back to full strength with Australia #3 Luke Killeen returning to action following his trip to the national titles in Queensland. He won all four heats in the division. Jack and Mitchell McDiarmid shared 2nd and 3rd between them for most of the night, while Xander Smith continues to pick up the pace. Go the X man!


Only the one sidecar team of Jake Harvey/Tyler Solomon who ran some exhibition laps on the big track and looked good. Meanwhile their major rivals the Fewster Brothers Jack and Adam were racing in Victoria where they won the Victorian Title. How good is that?


Plenty of action too in the Thumpsters, 125cc Lites, Peewees and hugely popular Balanced Bikes.

Winners on the night in the competition events were Axle McCarthy, Trevar Dossett, Max Harvey and Darcy Timmis. Some great riding also from Tyler Magden, Linkin Metcalf and Jake Corbett.


As an added bonus at our last meeting several Junior events were also staged during our major track grade and watering. It was good to see our young guns get some extra seat and bike time.




Jeff Gittus Sidecar Memorial – 2 February 2019
1000cc Sidecars
Reece Liptrott / Jesse Thomas333312315Reece Liptrott / Jesse Thomas3
Josh Wells / Clinton Holmwood 332210DNF10Josh Wells / Clinton HolmwoodDNF
Darren Nash / Peter Teale 332X8DNF8Darren Nash / Peter TealeDNF
Jeff Bishop / Daniel Bishop 2221729Jeff Bishop / Daniel Bishop2
Ryan Fanderlinden / Adam Fanderlinden 211377
Russell Mitchell / Andrew Sharp 2DNF3277
Steve Scoble / Joe Furfaro X22155SEMI FINALGATE
Adam Wenn / Morgan Cornwell DNF32DNF55Jeff Bishop / Daniel BishopWIN
Chad Harvey / Nathan Metcalf DNF1DNF344Ryan Fanderlinden / Adam FanderlindenDNF
Clayton Mills / Steve McQueen X03033Russell Mitchell / Andrew SharpDNF
Ken Hankin / Paul White 120DNF33Adam Wenn / Morgan CornwellDNF
Rocky Bryan / Matt Reece X1X011
Jeff Gittus Sidecar Memorial – 2 February 2019
500cc Solo’s
Daniel Winchester 333211314Daniel Winchester3
Josh Bailey 233311112Josh Bailey1
Matt Marson 322310212Matt Marson2
Des Heyes2321808Des Heyes0
Brad Gordon 3DNF2388
Ryan Pope 123177
Ethan Ballantyne 011244SEMI FINALGATE
Jason Marzoli 121044Des HeyesWIN
Bryan Miller 011133Brad Gordon
Jarryd Ziedas DNF1DNF233Ryan Pope
Drew Winchester 200022Jason Marzoli
Jeff Gittus Sidecar Memorial – 2 February 2019
250cc Solo’s
Declan Killeen333312315Declan Killeen3
Lincoln Worroll22228210Lincoln Worroll2
Jeff Gittus Sidecar Memorial – 2 February 2019
125cc Solo Lites
RiderRacing #1234TOTALFINALGT 
Linkin Metcalf 33331212
Trevar Dossett33331212
Max Harvey 33331212
Jake Corbett 33331212
Darcey Timmis 33331212
Axle McCarthy 33331212
Jeff Gittus Sidecar Memorial – 2 February 2019
125cc Solo’s
Jack McDiarmid2221729Luke Killeen3
Xander Smith 1100202Jack McDiarmid2
Mitchell McDiarmid XX12314Mitchell McDiarmid1
Luke Killeen 333312315Xander Smith0
Jeff Gittus Sidecar Memorial – 2 February 2019
Junior Sidecars
RiderRacing #1234TOTALFINALGT 
Jake Harvey / Tyler Solomon33331212