Pinjar Park Speedway Entry Requirements

The Speedway Motorcycle Club of WA wishes to advise that mandatory health measures have been put in place by the WA Government which will affect all Pinjar Park Speedway events.

New restrictions effective as of Tuesday 4th January 2022 will directly affect all attendees and participants, effective immediately, Pinjar Park will be complying with the following WA Government mandates:

Proof of Vaccination is required at all events for all people inside the Pinjar Park Speedway who are aged 16 years or older including competitors, crew, staff, officials, third party contractors, spectators, and other persons attending Pinjar Park Speedway in any capacity – it is expected this will be an ongoing requirement. Pinjar Park Speedway is required by the WA Government to check the vaccination status of all patrons prior to entry to the venue.

Masks must be worn at all Pinjar Park Speedway events – this instruction is currently set as in place.

The Speedway Motorcycle Club of WA is now responsible for checking the COVID-19 vaccination status of all patrons aged 16 and over as a condition of entry.

The WA Government is developing a mobile app that is safe, secure, and convenient which is expected to be available in the next several weeks. In the meantime, you must show either proof of vaccination or proof of medical exemption when seeking entry to the venue. If you have a medical exemption, your doctor will update your record on the Australian Immunisation Register.

To ensure the entry process is as smooth as possible for all involved, we ask attendees to please have their proof of vaccination or medical exemption ready to show prior to lining up at the gate. We thank you for your patience and support as we seek to comply with the WA Government required health measures whilst continuing to host successful speedway motorcycling events for all involved.

Acceptable forms of proof of vaccination or medical exemption include:

  • Your COVID-19 digital certificate showing your vaccination status or medical exemption from myGov or the Express Plus Medicare Mobile app
  • Your certificate stored in a smart phone wallet, along with an acceptable form of identification
  • A hardcopy of your certificate, along with an acceptable form of identification
  • A digital or hard copy of your immunisation history statement, along with an acceptable form of identification.

Patrons seeking further information should contact secretary@speedwaywa.net.au.

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