Event Report

Liptrott/Thomas take out another Sidecar Stampede; Metcalf wins 250cc Title

In a massively good sidecar final Reece Liptrott and passenger Jesse Thomas scored a hard fought win in the ’21-’22 edition of the Sidecar Stampede. Their third win in as many years. Lead changes were the name of the game with three different combinations leading at different stages. Liptrott/Thomas along with Jack Fewster/Jonah Sita and Darren Nash/Ash Shield engaged in a breath drawing battle at the front. Shield would lose his grip on the Nash outfit while they were running third and fall off. He was able to walk from the track.


Sidecar racing was impressive on the night. Hopefully a prelude to the State and National Titles set for Pinjar Park later in the season. Veteran Mark Drew returned to action with Morgan Cornwell as his passenger. Cornwell fell from the machine just after the start of one of the heats, but only appeared shaken. Another team that was good from the get go was the Rock Bryan/Courtney Heft combination who teamed up for the first time and made the A Final. Jeff Bishop combined with Juston Winchester and should be a threat in the majors. Steve McMurray/Jason Williams were steady all night as were the improving pairing of Troy Craig / Matt Young, while ex Solo rider Bob King, has joined the three wheel brigade with Daniel Wallis as his passenger.


With enough riders registered in the 250cc Solo class the WA Title was held for the first time since 2017-18. In a result that looked unlikely earlier in the night Linkin Metcalf rode to an all the way win holding off a fast finishing Mitchell McDiarmid with Jack McDiarmid back in third. Mitchell McDiarmid who had been undefeated in qualifying made the worst possible gate in the Title race and found himself in fourth. While he was comfortably able to account for Colby Mason and his older brother Jack he ran out of time to catch Linkin Metcalf. Meanwhile Xander Smith rode out a wild crash which saw him flip over the fence on the final lap on the entrance to the main straight in Heat Five of the 250’s. After a delay of ten minutes Smith was on his feet and walked back to the track. While neither Alex Prall nor Hunter Mason had the experience of their 250cc opponents both showed that the step up from the 125cc’s should be rewarding for them.


Senior Solo racing welcomed back Blake Russell who soon made an impact on the A grade fields. In some extremely close racing Russell would win one of the four heats before taking out the A grade final in a brilliant exhibition from Daniel Winchester and Matt Marson. Bryan Miller rode some of the best races of his career at Pinjar and troubled the top three in every event and easily qualified for the Final. Drew Winchester, Nigel Flatman and Mick Godbold raced hard all night with Flatman making a clean sweep of B Grade.


A field of ten senior Flat Trackers provided some incredibly close battles, but no one could match Dean Condren on the night who won his four heats and then took out the all in Final! Besides Condren winning his four heats and the Final other heat winners included Brian Watson, James Keen, Stephan Forrest and Glen Robbins. With the State Title scheduled at the next Pinjar Park meeting Condren will start as one of the favourites. Defending Champ Matt Marson, who is also the WA Solo Champion has indicated that he will defend his Title.


In a tight and well run Junior programme a field of ten 125cc Solos held nine heats and two finals with heat wins going to Axle McCarthy (twice), Mason Robins (twice), Hunter Mason (twice), Jake Corbett, Phoenix Elliott, and Noah Sandilands. McCarthy would win the B Final, while Phoenix Elliott took out the A Final.  Cody Prime and Regan Dossett were not far off the pace, both boys grabbing seconds and thirds in heat racing through the night.

The Thumpsters (110cc’s) had a field of seven riders compete in eight heats with wins going to Phoenix Elliott (four), Mason Robins (twice), Coby Robson (twice). Elliott would win the 110cc Final from Robson with Pace Sturmfels in third and Jake Corbett in fourth. Newcomers Harmony Francis and Connor Myers looked comfortable their first time out.


The ‘non-competitive’ 50cc Division had four timed events with riders Kaiden Allen, Jonathon Forrest, Kaiden Keen and Jy Robson getting plenty of track time, getting used to the craft of speedway.



250cc State Final  and Sidecar Stampede 2021
Heat First Second Third Time
2 Phoenix Elliott Pace Sturmfels Connor Myers 0.00
3 Mason Robins Coby Robson 0.00
8 Mason Robins Phoenix Elliott Harmony Francis 0.00
9 Ollie Corbett Coby Robson Pace Sturmfels 0.00
14 Ollie Corbett Connor Myers Phoenix Elliott 0.00
15 Mason Robins Coby Robson Harmony Francis 0.00
20 Coby Robson Connor Myers Harmony Francis 0.00
21 Phoenix Elliott Pace Sturmfels Ollie Corbett 0.00
FINAL Phoenix Elliott Mason Robins Coby Robson 0.00
  125cc B SOLO  
Heat First Second Third Time
4 Axle McCarthy Noah Sandilands Regan Dossett 0.00
5 Mason Robins Jake Corbett 0.00
10 Mason Robins Noah Sandilands Regan Dossett 48.54
11 Jake Corbett Cody Prime 0.00
16 Axle McCarthy Jake Corbett 48.90
17 Noah Sandilands Regan Dossett Cody Prime 49.19
22 Axle McCarthy Regan Dossett 48.90
23 Noah Sandilands Jake Corbett Cody Prime 48.32
FINAL Regan Dossett Jake Corbett Noah Sandilands 0.00
  125cc A SOLO  
Heat First Second Third Time
6 Hunter Mason Phoenix Elliott 0.00
12 Hunter Mason Phoenix Elliott Mitchell McDiarmid 0.00
18 Phoenix Elliott Hunter Mason 0.00
24 Hunter Mason Phoenix Elliott 0.00
FINAL Hunter Mason Mitchell McDiarmid   0.00
250cc SOLO  
Heat First Second Third Time
30 Mitchell McDiarmid Jack McDiarmid Colby Mason 66.11
31 Linkin Metcalf Xander Smith Hunter Mason 66.99
39 Mitchell McDiarmid Colby Mason Xander Smith 67.50
40 Jack McDiarmid Alex Prall 68.51
48 Mitchell McDiarmid Alex Prall 66.48
49 Jack McDiarmid Colby Mason 0.00
57 Linkin Metcalf Colby Mason Alex Prall 67.22
58 Mitchell McDiarmid Jack McDiarmid Hunter Mason 67.71
B FINAL Colby Mason Alex Prall Hunter Mason 69.25
FINAL Linkin Metcalf Mitchell McDiarmid Jack McDiarmid 0.00
  500cc SOLO B  
Heat First Second Third Time
32 Nigel  Flatman Mick Godbold 67.90
41 Nigel  Flatman Mick Godbold 68.04
50 Nigel  Flatman Mick Godbold 69.20
59 Nigel  Flatman Mick Godbold 70.23
500cc SOLO  
Heat First Second Third Time
33 Daniel Winchester Blake Russell Matt Marson 0.00
42 Blake Russell Daniel Winchester Matt Marson 63.15
51 Matt Marson Bryan Miller Daniel Winchester 0.00
60 Daniel Winchester Matt Marson Bryan Miller 0.00
FINAL Matt Marson Daniel Winchester Bryan Miller 0.00
Heat First Second Third Time
34     Troy Craig / Mathew Young 70.17
43     Troy Craig / Mathew Young        Bob King  /  Daniel Wallis 69.71
52        Bob King  /  Daniel Wallis 0.00
61     Troy Craig / Mathew Young        Bob King  /  Daniel Wallis 70.53
FINAL     Troy Craig / Mathew Young        Bob King  /  Daniel Wallis   0.00
Heat First Second Third Time
35 Reece Liptrott / Jesse Thomas Darren Nash / Ash Shield Stephen McMurray / Jayson Williams 67.25
36 Jack Fewster / Jonah Sita Jeff Bishop / Juston Winchester 0.00
44 Darren Nash / Ash Shield Stephen McMurray / Jayson Williams 67.05
45 Mark Drew / Morgan Cornwell Jack Fewster / Jonah Sita Reece Liptrott / Jesse Thomas 67.98
53 Darren Nash / Ash Shield 69.02
54 Jack Fewster / Jonah Sita Reece Liptrott / Jesse Thomas Jeff Bishop / Juston Winchester 67.33
62 Jack Fewster / Jonah Sita Stephen McMurray / Jayson Williams 67.11
63 Reece Liptrott / Jesse Thomas Darren Nash / Ash Shield Rock Bryan / Cortney Jane 66.99
FINAL Jack Fewster / Jonah Sita Darren Nash / Ash Shield Reece Liptrott / Jesse Thomas 0.00
  Flat Trackers  
Heat First Second Third Time
37 Dean Condren Stuart Humphris James Keen 74.48
38 Brian Watson Jordan Coleman Stephan Forrest 0.00
46 James Keen Stephan Forrest Brian Watson 76.92
47 Dean Condren Stuart Humphris Glenn Robins 0.00
55 Dean Condren Brian Watson Jordan Coleman 0.00
56 Stephan Forrest Troy Ralph Karl Sturmfels 0.00
64 Stephan Forrest Ian Moylan Clinton Condren 0.00
65 Brian Watson Stuart Humphris Dean Condren 75.29
FINAL Ian Moylan Karl Sturmfels Stephan Forrest 0.00