Latest Venue Update!


You have seen the photographs and videos on our face book page showing the construction progress with the senior venue. We have put the call out for the first phase of the fence construction whilst we chase clay for the final layer of the track. Fence posts have been donated to the club and there have been volunteers cutting these to size – now we are ready to get these into the ground. The plywood and mesh are being ordered as we speak – Mark, Peter and Marshall have been busy chasing the best possible quotes. This completes phase 1 of the DRS Grant!



The Season So Far!


We have had the coldest and wettest starts to the 2016 – 2017 season! However, we have had some of the best racing as well!


The peewee division is massive and you can see the riders enjoying themselves, the 125cc division riders have all grown taller over the off season and adjusting plus we welcome Christopher Bogdan back after an injury ended his season early last year.


Our 500cc rider field are putting on some close riding and getting skills together. Doug Scoble has returned after fracturing his wrist on the Woffinden Night and Des Heys is recovering from an injury sustained in the off season.


The sidecar division is probably the smallest field that we have seen from some time – many of the riders are working away. Having said that the riders have been experimenting with some different formats and extra laps – keeping the interest going!



All divisions are now gearing up for their respective State Titles – good luck everyone!






New Website


The committee are continuously investigating ways of improving the profile of speedway in WA. To this end, a focus has been placed on our website and we have secured the services of Shanoweb Designs to revamp the webpage! All the fantastic information from both the international website and current website have been blended together with fresh artwork. 

    Nominations and Club Memberships will still continue via registernow on the nomination tab, items for sale will continue to be on the website as well.


    Alongside the website, Shanoweb Designs will be creating posters for the race meetings and assist in promoting the sport.


    The Committee sincerely thanks Rick Gill for all of his assistance with the current website and resolving the technical issues for various committees!


    This venture has been generously supported by Motorworld.