July 2017 E-NEWS


July News!

The Club has been a bit quiet on the news front with racing finishing and the presentation night a resounding success due to the efforts of Joy, Lisa and Pam – thank you so much Ladies, a fantastic effort as always – what will the theme be next year?  The committee faced forward and focussed their energy on completing the safety fence and spectator fencing. We hope that you are following the construction phase via Facebook with the many photos posted there, every week something major has been completed.

Track Licensing

With all the fencing completed, it is almost time to get the track licenced for practise! There are still costings for practice to work out and times for practice organised with existing practise supervisors but in the interim, can we encourage members to obtain their practise supervisor qualifications – the more the merrier and we won’t burn out those who are willing and able!



2017-2018 Committee

All of the previous committee elected to stand again and were re-elected unopposed, however we welcome Andrea Killeen to the role of secretary and Horrie Payne as a committee members – we welcome their enthusiasm! The webpage will have all the contact details for the committee. The committee relies on feedback and questions from members and the public, Andrea has set up an email address secretary.pinjarpark@gmail.com please feel free to contact us!


Lights, camera, action!

Through the efforts of the Clubs extensive research some lights are about to be ordered for the track, the committee is currently exploring all avenues for electricity to the track as well.

Chips Ahoy…

We know how frantic Karen and Rita are in the canteen, especially when it comes to chip production. The club has managed to source a commercial LPG chip cooker that will help our Canteen ladies and hopefully speed up the chippie waiting times. Additionally, the Marson Family have donated a shed to the Club which has been marked as the future canteen and merchandise shop as the new track is developed – thank you Steve, Nicole and Matt.


Goodness grader!

  • At the recent AGM, Scotty Charsley let us know the grader was up and running – all completed as a member of the Club – Thank you enormously! It has already been put to the test readying the pad for the future Ambulance Hut at the senior track.

Membership and Events

  • We are moving from RegisterNow to Ridernet for membership renewal and event nominations – links will be sent to all members and available on the website – so keep an eye on your inbox! Following feedback from members last year – all the events will be open immediately for registration and payment. Please click on the link to take you to the membership page on Ridernet:



For Sale

  • In the move, our for sale page was lost on the website – Ross Philippson will be first off the start line putting up a solo for sale (this has been sold since putting up the photo). We will endeavour to keep this page up to date! Email Scoble.roleystone@bigpond.com and Deb will forward the information to Shanoweb Designs.