SPEEDWAY FANS….both near and afar!


.The Speedway Motorcycle Club of WA offers businesses and patrons an opportunity to advertise via banners on the air safety fence, and in the race program. These will assist the Club to complete construction of the new 330 metre circuit, complete with an “Air Cushion” safety fence, next to the existing Junior Pinjar Park Speedway site. The current 142 metre oval was built be volunteers as a junior track when the Bibra Lake Speedway closed in 2003 and has since been licenced for senior riders.


This hard working ‘Go Ahead Club’ has run the Rob Woffinden Classic event for the past five years, honouring the father of 2013 and 2015 World Speedway GP Champion Tai Woffinden, who was one of the key players in the construction of the Pinjar Park circuit. Tai Woffinden learned how to ride at Pinjar Park and actually won the 2012 Rob Woffinden Classic.


The Speedway Motorcycle Club of WA is proud of the tradition that they have started with the RWC that attracts an international field of riders each summer. The Club is moving forward with the planned new track, built to international standards, that will be much better suited for both 500cc solo racing, as well as 1000cc sidecar racing.


The new track will be the home of speedway bike racing in Western Australia for years to come, and when built, will hopefully be used for rounds of the Australian Championship and in the future selected international events. After two years of negotiation, the new circuit has now been constructed up to obtaining a practice license with teams of volunteers spending weekends constructing the race surface, safety fences and pit area.


Please download a pdf of the sponsorship document for the program advertising and the air fence and email to register your interest.